• Find Photos from any Collection Faster
  • Search by Keyword
  • Preview Photos
  • Print Any Size Card

Searching for just the right photo is now a lot easier. Peekaviewer enables you to search by keywords, categories or both. Your results are displayed as thumbnail photos making the selection process quick and simple. Once you've selected the right photo, you can format it into any size you want.

Works with the following photo collections:

In the following example, a search was made for all of the red apples on the Visual Essentials CD. Thumbnail photo results are shown on the left. You can simply click on the photos that you want to add to the page layout.

You can search multiple CDs simultaneously even if they are not installed or in your drive.

System Requirements

A computer running Windows 98 or higher, a CD-Rom drive and a printer.

PeekaViewer - Win
Price:  $29.95
Combination PeekaViewer and any photo CD - Win
Price:  $19.95


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